One Horn Blog #21: The Secret to Better Agent/Shipper Relationships

We all want to have great business relationships.  Great relationships help us function more efficiently, and also make the day a lot more fun.  Natural sales personalities are inherently social beings and are great at building relationships. The ability to place yourself in someone else’s position can help strengthen relationships, but empathy does not come


One Horn Blog #20: What If You Could Be at Your Best Every Day?

In my constant quest to improve my operational efficiency and personal effectiveness, I was very motivated by the ideas of Michael Allosso, another excellent speaker we had at our EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) conference in October 2013 whose topic was “You on Your Best Day.”  Allosso used an analogy of an actor to illustrate the skills


One Horn Blog #19: 3 Steps for Reinventing Yourself or Your Company

Did you ever feel stuck, like things were not working for you in your professional situation? Well we have, and by following the three steps outlined below, we successfully reinvented our company and are well on our way to achieving our goals. I hope that by sharing the One Horn story and by giving examples