Truckload and LTL

Truckloads are our specialty, but we also offer you LTL in a very unique way:
One Horn LTL ExpressTM


We provide you with reliable truckload service on all types of trucks, including dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, and specialty trailers.  Please visit Truck Types page for more details.

One Horn LTL ExpressTMTruckload and LTL truck loading dry van 226x300

Are your loads smaller and time-sensitive? Do they require special handling?

With One Horn LTL ExpressTM, you get reliable, direct delivery and no additional handling.  Specifically designed with a Flatbed customer in mind, we have expanded our Flatbed LTL ExpressTM service to include Dry Van as well.

  • Point-to-point direct shipment, no offloading and reloading en route
  • Flexible loading using regular flatbeds, dry vans or specialty trailers
  • More flexible pickup timing, with delivery timing similar to full load
  • Pricing competitive starting at 1/5 truckloads, and increasingly competitive as load size increases

Please tell us the details of your load, and let us show you what we can do!