At One Horn, We Take Care of Our Carriers!

Having once been a carrier, we know getting paid on time is the most important thing on your mind.

Please read below to learn about our payment procedures so you get paid quickly and about Tcheks if you need them.

Getting Paid

Our terms are net 30 days from date of receipt of invoice. The faster we get your invoice with supporting documentation, the faster the clock starts ticking, and the faster you get paid. Please email or fax the following paperwork to or 973-692-6770:

  • Signed POD(s)
  • Your invoice with our PRO# written on it
  • The final signed rate confirmation

We prefer email or fax, as the mail service has become slower and more unreliable. Avoid the risks involved with snail mail and email or fax your invoice.


Cash On POD

Want to get paid faster than a factoring company?

  • Send us your POD(s) and rate confirmation to, and we will issue you a T-Chek for the balance of your invoice marked as Advance on the rate confirmation (4% + $15).
  • For our traditional QuickPay, get 3% for 15-day pay: Send us your POD(s), invoice, and rate confirmation to or 973-692-6770, and we will mail your check in 15 days.

Payment Questions?

If you have questions about when you will get paid, an automatic fax or email goes to your accounts payable contact when we receive your POD(s) and invoice. If you do not receive a fax or email stating the date we received your email or fax and have processed your paperwork, we have not received your paperwork. Please resend it to: or 973-595-7700 ext 108.

If you think you have missed your notification, please send the following information to

  • Carrier Name
  • PRO Number
  • Rate
  • Delivery Date
  • Accounts Payable Contact Name
  • Accounts Payable Contact Email

We will let you know your payment status and confirm you are in the system.

Need a Tchek for a Lumper or a Fuel Advance?

Here’s how you get them:

We look forward to working with you. Please contact the agent who assigned your load if you have any questions about your load.

Preview our Contract  here