Truck Types

Vans for Dry and Temperature-Controlled Freight

Our van service is for dry and refrigerated freight, including, but not limited to, palletized products, frozen food, produce, dairy, health and beauty care products, Rx and OTC drugs, household cleaning products, industrial goods and materials, etc. We do not transport hazardous materials.

Trailer types:

  • 48-Foot Dry Van or Reefer
  • 53-Foot Dry Van or Reefer



Having owned a fleet of 90 trailers, our experience in loading freight and optimizing load configurations is yours for the taking. Does your freight need to be secured with chains or straps? Buffered with wood? Tarped with 4-foot or 8-foot drop tarps? We’ve got you covered, so your load will arrive safe, secure and intact!

Trailer types:

  • 48-Foot Flatbed
  • 53-Foot Flatbed
  • Conestoga

Specialty Trailers of All Configurations

For Your Special Loading Locations/Needs and Overdimensional Loads

Some of your customers might require drop decks for regular size loads due to loading site, while others might have extra high freight. We’ve owned drop decks, and loaded them under special circumstances, so we can help choose the trailer to best serve your customer. The same for double-drops, RGNs and stretch trailers.

Turnkey Service: We take care of all the permits, routing, and timing to comply with local laws, so you don’t have to.

Trailer types:

  • Drop-Decks
  • Double-Drops
  • RGNs (Removable Goose Necks)
  • Stretch Trailers

At One Horn, we’re always thinking of how to execute the smoothest pickup and delivery possible. Please always let us know about any special circumstances that will make loading and unloading easier for you and your customer.